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Uniform Insignia


Die Cast Uniform Insignia from Zinc
The advantage of Zinc die cast uniform insignia is that just about any shape or form of uniform insignia may be produced, even with cut outs. The uniform insignia are then electro-plated for different finishes. Three-dimensional uniform insignia present no problem and a wide range of shapes and sizes can be produced as can be seen from the examples below.

Pressed Uniform Insignia
These uniform insignia are normally stamped or pressed out of brass and some shapes and sizes lend themselves better to this manufacturing technique, mainly smaller medals and pin badges.

Lead Times for Uniform Insignia in South Africa
After the design of the insignia has been approved, the average lead time for South African orders will be 4 to 6 weeks depending on the size of the Insignia, the quantity of the Insignia ordered.

Lead Times for International Orders of Uniform Insignia
Once the design of the uniform insignia is approved, the lead time for international orders is 4 to 6 weeks dependant on the quantity of uniform insignia ordered as well as the size and type of ribbon.

If however we can finalize the insignia order 4 months in advance we can ship the insignia by sea freight which will result in a lower cost for the customer. Although we quote door to door for international orders the customer will still be liable for the VAT on the order payable to our freight agent upon delivery of the insignia.


Uniform Insignia Description

Uniform Insignia

Metal Badge designs and manufactures various uniform insignia items including buttons, bars, pins and clips. Choose your own uniform insignia design, manufactured to your specifications. Our gallery shows examples of uniform insignia we have created.